African ark development foundation

Organization Description: 

AADFU office is umoja village opposite Uganda martyrs in Kasese municipal council, about 450 km from Ugandas Capital and Main City, Kampala the Organization is one of the major Community Based Organizations (CBOs) with the necessary Human Resource that is deemed to offer services to the local communities to ensure sustainable development without discrimination of any kind. The organization was started by seven (7) members with an aim of improving the standards of living of vulnerable people like, poor, voiceless, orphans, widows. This idea of starting up this organization was perceived by the above number of women after carrying out a comprehensive research on the levels of vulnerability of women in kasese Uganda for which case study was KASESE District and Eastern province DRC. The research showed that despite the efforts government and NGOs are putting in place in supporting the implementation of development programs in the area of women empowerment, education, medical health, and environmental protection, modernization of agriculture and micro finance the needy women and children are lacking behind in education. Kasese largely depend on low agricultural produce that in turn gives poor nutrition supply and very low income to households while most of the household families lack sustainable sources of income that result in massive poverty in Kasese District, which could be reduced through social, economic and political empowerment of the communities involved. The orphans have been estimated as 17 million in Uganda and kasese possess 1289 orphans, 398 street children by 2007 baseline report by the district population office and the development net work of NGOS, cobs and this has been due to civil, tribe and political wars. Example wars between bakonjo and batoro, rebel attacks of 1989 (NALU) and 1996 (ADF) Allied democratic forces from eastern DR Congo north kive province. Even kasese district is surrounded with two national parks queen Elizabeth national park in the south and Rwenzori Mountains national park in the north and therefore People living in and around these national parks are inherently vulnerable since they depend on wild animals, charcoal burning herbal medicine which is illegal to the national park authorities and people have ended up loosing their lives.

Mission Statement: 

Strengthening education for community transformation of society

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