African Charity Volunteers

Organization Description: 

African Charity Volunteers is a non-profit organization located in Ghana, West Africa. (Kasoa)

Accra, +233
Mission Statement: 

African Charity Volunteers is non-profit organization based in Ghana, west africa .It has no religious or political affiliation. African Charity Volunteers which aims to reduce poverty in local communities by introducing Ghana to international volunteers in order to break existing stereotypes and to build healthy relationships between West-Africa and the global community at large.

African Charity Volunteers is registered by the Registrar GeneralÃÂÂÂs Office of the Republic of Ghana G-196.

The work of African Charity Volunteers is focused on improving the welfare of the less privileged in our local society. This includes raising the standards for operations of orphanages, improving upon education in schools, supporting the advancement of medical technology, introducing programs to promote physical fitness and advocating for the well-fare of women and children.

African Charity Volunteers partners with international organizations to support orphanages, schools, hospitals and communities seeking assistance for the poor and the needy in society.

African Charity Volunteers co-ordinates local work camps with community groups and institutions in need of voluntary labour or projects. We create enriching volunteer experiences based on the needs of our partners, catered to the skills of our volunteers.

You can make a real difference in the lives of others just by opening your heart and giving your time. Come join us and explore the nation renowned for its unparalleled hospitality: Ghana.

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