African Prisons Project

Organization Description: 

African Prisons Project (APP) is a charity founded in 2004 to improve the welfare, healthcare, education and justice of people in prison in Africa. We aim to restore the dignity of people in prison by providing humane conditions and improving welfare, access to medical facilities, the opportunity to learn and create better access to legal representation. Our principal projects are the creation or refurbishment of prison clinics and libraries.

Since its foundation, APP has been run by young volunteers - students and young professionals who want to make a difference. Increasingly we are supported by our advisors and partners. We provide school leavers and those from a variety of backgrounds with the opportunity to gain experience and skills by assisting a project in Africa. Our volunteers then act as ambassadors when they return home.

97 Beverley Way
London, SW20 0AW
Mission Statement: 


To create dignity and hope for people in prison

through welfare, healthcare, education and justice

in sub-Saharan African countries.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

That the humanity and inherent dignity of every person in captivity in Africa will be realized.

That entering prison in Africa does not mean losing hope. Rather prison offers a new beginning, empowerment and restoration for the offender, victim and the community. Prison offers the hope of another chance, acceptance back into the community and the skills to support oneself and one’s family.

That prisons in Africa are places of positive transformation. An acceptance that the punishment lies in the deprivation of liberty and that the regime inside prisons should be about rebuilding lives.

Prisons services in Africa recognize and embrace an approach based on restorative justice, human rights and rehabilitation as a credible, viable and important alternative to other prison management approaches in Africa.

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