Agapewo Ministry Uganda

Organization Description: 

AGAPEWO MINISTRY UGANDA is a community based non-government charity ministry that was founded in 2004 in the district of Jinja in eastern Uganda by a group of concerned citizens with a strong desire to; empower communities, strengthen capacity of member organizations/ministries in support of their development investments, provision of entrepreneurship skills, promote literacy programs in improving health care, disease control, poverty reduction and to advocate for Gender equality. In 2006, a program of fighting HIV/AIDS and its after effects was developed by the members of Agapewo Ministry Uganda to add on the initiatives of the government and other organizations/ministries in the fight against the killer disease. Agapewo Ministry Uganda since its inception has exerted its efforts on the fight against HIV/AIDS using a behavioral change process amidst meager resources and a lot of success has been achieved although not as expected due to limited resources. Agapewo ministry Uganda intends to contribute to enabling this vulnerable group to safeguard their own health and the natural resources on which the livelihoods of their communities depend using a behavioral change process.

P.O. Box 5342 Jinja, Uganda
Jinja, 00256
Mission Statement: 

To enhance communitys initiatives on development and prevention of HIV/AIDS and AGAPEWO MINISTRY UGANDA exist to undertake actions for community sustainable development, promoting information about child rights, child abuse and neglect through mobilization and sensitization, policy advocacy and capacity building, education and health support. Working with members and communities for a sustained impact.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

To serve as a center for information sharing, empowering of children, youths and women in participation in developmental programs and against HIV/AIDS and in the ministry of God.

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