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We offer full-time accommodation, weekends and summer camps, helping them to live a full and abundant life. is a place where we celebrate life every day experiencing the joy of serving and loving others through community integration with purpose in an environment focused on the family. Community and Integration: We encourage our residents to be productive members of our local community and being able to serve and to love others. Abundant life: living an abundant life through which they find the great potential that God has given them, and enjoy the most of each day. Family: The experience and joy of living with people who really love them and celebrate the miraculous lives.

The volunteer opportunities are: Assisting and helping students (adults with special needs) In all the community activities like the organic farm, care of the animals, cooking, bakery, sports, astronomy, craft and arts, photography, sightseeing, hiking, cleaning the house and personal care. We need you to stay at least 1 month. We provide full accommodation, almost luxurious with three meals and snacks, the work is from Monday to Friday or weekend, event in which the volunteers will have time to rest in the week. YOU WILL LOVE TO STAY AND BE PART OF OUR COMMUNITY

Vereda Salinas Finca Agualinda
Sesquile, 11001000
Mission Statement: is a non-profit organization that provides opportunities for adults with special needs, inviting them to live, learn and work in an environment of mutual respect and equality.

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