Organization Description: 

Aid Africa voluntary Organization is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-racial, non-religious, and above all, non-creed organization .The organization is committed in to bringing about a reduction in the number of orphans and street children.

The organization is based in the northern part of Ghana and aim to act as a catalyst to inspire young and old people from all backgrounds and nationalities to reach their full potentials through working together towards gender volunteer service, in the areas of health, education, orphanage homes, psychiatric homes, homes for the disabled, agriculture and internships.

Aid Africa offers international travelers the opportunity to learn about and contribute to non-western cultures through volunteer programs. Our participants give their time and share their skills and talents with local people from all walks of life. Our programs are about getting outside of ones comfort zone, seeing what?s out there in the universe, and making a meaningful contribution to some of its citizens, especially as Aid Africa Volunteers. We offer international travelers the opportunity to learn about and contribute to non-western cultures through volunteer programs, internships, and language study. Our participants give their time and share their skills and talents with local people from all walks of life.

Aid Africa volunteers is an organization dedicated to disseminating information on voluntary work programs in Africa and organizing a wide range of volunteering and unpaid internship programs in Ghana.

Our overseas placements we offer in Ghana includes volunteering at orphanages and with street children, HIV/AIDS education, schools, health care, conservation, Churches and Christian Religion and computer training projects, Media and Journalism, Law, Sports, marketing, interior design and many others.
Qualified volunteers in our program in Ghana work alongside local workers and professionals. Intern-student-volunteers do shadow local professionals, observe their work, assist them in their work and volunteer under their supervision.

People without special skills, professional qualifications or previous experience may volunteer in most of our programs in Ghana except the health care programs and a few other programs. People from worldwide with ages from 16 to 60 and of any religion or race are welcome to participate in our programs in Ghana.

Participants stay with carefully selected, respectable host families. Period of participation is for short and medium term basis. Optional 3-day and 9-day tours around Ghana are organized for our participants.
Our work promotes international co-operation, friendship, cultural exchange and breaks new grounds for sustainable socio-economic development through voluntary work placements.

We therefore welcome you to participate in our programs and we will be honored by your participation.

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233 71 24840
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tamale, 0233
Mission Statement: 

Aid Africa offers many remarkable and challenging volunteer, internship, mini- adventure, and cultural immersion opportunities to interested international volunteers. Our unique programs are creative and exciting, as they engage volunteers in breathtaking journeys and volunteering towards;

The building child survival centers in identified communities to cater for homeless and motherless children who sees the streets as their homes, between the ages of 0-18 years.
Seeking educational scholarships for orphans, needy but brilliant students between the ages of 3-18 years.

Providing medical and health programs in needy communities including family planning and HIV /AIDS.

Partnering with other organizations to promote and up hold the dignity of the children irrespective of tribe, race, socio economic status and creed.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

The organisation is commited in to well keep of our volunteers,arrange every thing easy, simple and peaceful for our volunteers,irrespective of age, creed, religion,socio economic status and nationality.

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