Organization Description: 

AJESH is a Civil Society Organisation recognized under the law NO 90/053 of 19th December 1990 governing freedom of Associations in Cameroon. It was founded on June 4, 2006 and approved by the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation through Prefectoral Order No. 298/AR/G.42/162/BAPP as a non-political not for profit making organization. II. Goal and Objectives Goal: To promote sustainable Development through self reliant efforts, education, and training to reduce the impact of societal poverty.

Objectives: ? To encourage and promote education, training, refresher courses for poor local people; ? To carry out actions that ensure the sustainable management of natural resources; ? To initiate and carry out work studies/research, represent, follow up and influence policies that safeguard the interests of the under privilege group in the society.

Our Target Group: - Rural and urban poor, - Women, - Children and Youth - The Elderly AJESH intervention Areas:

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources ? Promoting FLEGT and REDD+ Processes ? Promoting the domestication of Non Timber Forest Products (NTFs), ? Community/communal Forestry acquisition ? Landscape Management ? Ecotourism, ? Resource based conflict resolution, ? Prevention & mitigation of natural disasters, and ? Waste management

Sustainable Agriculture ? Improving production, processing and marketing, using the Value Chain Development Approach (VCDA) ? Capacity building of local groups, Promoting Income Generation Activities, ? Livestock Development, ? Food security, and ? Micro-Project approach

Advocacy ? Elderly related issues ? Gender and Women?s issues, Democracy & Governance, ? Enhancing bargaining capacity of local people, Lobbying, ? Institutional Strengthening and Organisational Development ? Children & youth, Problems of minorities, and Health

Community Health care: ? HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Cholera, STDs Information Technology (IT) ? Promoting IT in rural community (amongst women and youth), IT agro-food marketing, Infrastructural Development ? Participatory road maintenance, Water supply schemes, Community centres, Rural electrification

P.O. Box 104
Nyasoso - Tombel, 237
Mission Statement: 

Move towards promoting sustainable Development through self reliant efforts, education and training to reduce the impact of societal poverty.

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