BP:7029 lomé
lomé, TN 00228
Mission Statement: 

The AJVBES (Association of Young Brave for Social Welfare is an apolitical and non-profit organization with headquarters in Lome, the capital of TOGO and which aims to work for the welfare of the population .

The social welfare is: "an individual's perception of its place in the existence, in the context of culture and value system in which he lives, in relation to its objectives, expectations, standards and concerns. This is a broad conceptual scope, encompassing a complex way the person's physical health, psychological state, his education, his level of independence, social relationship its personal beliefs and his relationship with specific characteristics of its environment "

That it requires action in four areas namely:

Ø Area Literacy

Ø Area health

Ø Area Environmental

Ø Cultural field.

To achieve its goal, the AJVBES has set the following objectives:

v Reduce the rate of literate year

v To fight against STI / HIV-AIDS and other opportunistic diseases

v To promote cultural exchange between peoples of different backgrounds

v Fighting against environmental degradation.

Here in brief preview of the Association of Young Brave for the Social Well-Beings

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