alexter japrin

Organization Description: 

we a youth organisation part of the church service every sunday . our service more concentrate on young people which to be the next generation to bring the faith bright from generation to generation our service not only in the church but also outreach program within ranau sabah borneo. the service work via musician , worshiping with new song to god,funriser and social work.

Organizational Email:
poring hot spring 6, 89307 ranau sabah malaysia
ranau, 89307
Mission Statement: 

to spread out good new about yesus and salavation for the human in the world only in yesus christ. service more concentrate on youth of this era

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

we belive that via holy spirit that yesus sent to assist us to stay in faith can help us to serve in continually service to all. we put our faith in the name of yesus christ of day to day servcie

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