All Girls Allowed

Organization Description: 

The goal of All Girls Allowed is to end the One-Child Policy and expose the injustices, rescue the victims and celebrate the life of girls. Since 1978, the implementation of China‚’s One-Child Policy has led to female gendercide, abandonment of daughters, human trafficking and violations of women‚’s reproductive rights.

Through education, advocacy, strategic partnerships, and legal defense, All Girls Allowed strives to:
‚•Raise public awareness about the cruel methods used to enforce the One-Child Policy;
‚•Educate families against gender based pregnancy termination by easing the burden of having a baby girl with monthly stipends and a baby shower gift of clothes and food;
‚•Provide legal defense and asylum counseling to mothers who are in danger of forced pregnancy terminations or involuntary sterilization;
‚•Support abandoned children, the vast majority of whom are girls, by raising funds for orphanages; and
‚•Reunite trafficked women and children with their families.

Hours of Operation: M-F 10-6, but volunteers can help around the clock from home by virtual volunteering!

Seekign volunteers with skills in:
-Chinese & English language, translation**
-Social media
-Advocacy & policymaking
-Legal defense
-Media relations
-Graphic design
-Interpersonal skills

Volunteer Activities:
•Twitter management
•Facebook group management & link posting
•Event planning
•Hosting events, book clubs, parties

101 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA 02199
Mission Statement: 

The mission of All Girls Allowed is to restore life, value and dignity to girls in China and around the world.

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