Alon International

Organization Description: 

We are the Alon Christian community, situated on a beautiful avocado and coffee farm in lush subtropical Limpopo Province, South Africa.
Various activities take place on this thriving and vibrant Community base which also has branches in other locations in South Africa and abroad.

PO BOX 2362
South Africa
Mission Statement: 

Alon is a body of believers bound by a common commitment to the serving of our Lord Jesus Christ . We remain undenominational. Our relationship and service is to the wider church and we value interchange of ministries. Our function is to serve the Body of Christ, by taking people into the community for training, teaching and restoration and for the Lord to equip them with purpose, vision and destiny in serving God wherever He would have them. We like to involve our volunteers in a practical day to day way in life enriching activities that enhance their abilities teach them skills and allow them to discover and further their talents.

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