andy estrada

Organization Description: 

raising funds. meeting needs of people, organizations, individuals. all around the world. our mission began in Ghana West africa. but as we developed our 501c3 non profit, we are called to serve everyone. here in america and anywhere there is a need anywhere around the world.

27361 sierra hwy #189
canyon country, CA 91351
Mission Statement: 

Raising funds. Since 2007 Andy and I have partnered with friends in Ghana, West Africa. Our Desire is to help those in need, to assist in ...Educational needs, care of Widows and Orphans, Medical Assistance and Provide resources to build schools, churches, computer labs, Shelters that protect from the elements. We train young men and women to seek out those in desperate need in surrounding villages, they give money, food, clothing whatever the small need may be. Once the need is meet, they ask if they can pray for them and then they say Jesus loves them and has seen their need. We help with hospital bills and emergency treatment of those injured. We pay for school fees and books of those who can not afford to further their education. We trust God to lead us to needs and we trust him to provide for the need. We hope to get our communities and churches in America to partner with us and provide for those urgent needs throughout the world. People tend to give when they can physically see the need and also when they know that all their money will go towards the need. We will continue to seek to help others in our community, State and throughout America and Internationally. And continue to find those who have the same heart and vision to partner with us in providing the resources to build lives 1 x 1. See More.

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