Answering Your Christian Concerns Effectively

Organization Description: 

AYCE exists to educate, train, and empower Christians for service. Our goal is for all Christians to know the major essentials of the faith and how to explain it to others. In addition, we aim to bring the truth often found in the ivory towers of seminary down to the steeple towers of the local church. In order to accomplish these goals AYCCE offers three services. 1. We provide workshops to local churches; 2. We host an annual apologetics boot camp for Christians students. This workshop is designed to help students stand firm in their faith while at school; 3. We host a weekly radio show. The show has featured many of the nation's top theologians, authors, Professors and apologists.

PO BOX 582306
Elk Grove, CA 95758
Mission Statement: 

To help Christians articulate and defend the tenets of the Bible.

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