Organization Description: 

Apostolic Ministerial International Network - AMIN

This organization is an International Council of Churches and Five-Fold Ministers and is called Apostolic Ministerial International Network, is hereafter referred to as International Council of Churches and Five-Fold Ministers. The Council, AMIN for short, is an Association of Ministers of God, Churches and Lay-Workers. The Council was established in Africa, Ghana through the effort and influence of Apostle Dr. Joseph Mihaye Kwaku, the Presiding President and Apostle General of the Council World-wide. The Council was incorporated officially in Ghana by Act 179 under the companies code as an N.G.O. with a registration number G28,408 to bring Ministers of God, Lay-Workers and Churches together and to operate as an Ecclesiastical non-profit Christian body through Ghana and the World. Currently, we have Churches and Ministers who are affiliated with us in most parts of Ghana, and in West Africa, East Africa, Southern Africa, Asia, Europe and USA.

AMIN is a network of Pastors, Church Leaders, and Ministers of the Gospel, churches and anyone who wish to be in Church Leadership and have vision of extending the Kingdom of God. So any who have Leadership role in the Church can apply to be part. AMIN wish to extend, restored and reform the Church to the Apostolic Pattern of Christ Jesus by gathering the people and bringing them together as one nation one people, then extending the Kingdom of GOD with them Ezekiel 37: 1-28, Isaiah 11:1-14. We are all living stone into the Building and Christ HIM self the Chief connerstone of the Building, One Body 1Cor,12:12-26, Eph. 4:11-16.

ACCRA, 00233
Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to extend the influence and fruit of the Kingdom of God through a relational network of churches, ministries and Ministers.

Vision statement

Our vision is to send out ministers, teams, and funds from the apostolic network to strengthen and establish churches and ministries both locally and globally.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

· The Bible is the divinely inspired, infallible Word of God, and the supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.
· There is one eternal God, existing in three Persons - Father, Sonand Holy Spirit - the Creator of all things.
· The Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was conceived of the HolySpirit, born of the virgin Mary, lived a sinless life, ministered with signs following, died on the cross as a reconciliation for the sins of the whole world, was buried and physically arose from the dead the third day, was taken up into heaven and is now seated at the right hand of God, and is true God and true man.
· Man is created in the image of God, but as a result of sin is eternally separated from God and lost.
· Salvation is a free gift of God to man and is received by accepting Jesus as Savior and Lord.
· The baptism in water by immersion is a commandment of the Lord Jesus to all believers and symbolizes their identification with Christ in His death, burial and resurrection.
· The baptism in the Holy Spirit with the initial evidence of speaking in other tongues is a gift from God to all believers and is received subsequent to the new birth.
· Bodily healing and material prosperity are part of our redemption in Jesus Christ.
· We believe in personal holiness, purity of heart and life; we are sanctified through the Word of God and by the Holy Spirit.
· The Church is composed of those who through faith in Christ have been born again, and is commissioned by the Lord Jesus to make disciples of all nations and to teach them.
· The Lord Jesus shall return with great power and glory.
· There is a resurrection of both the just and the unjust: the just shall be resurrected to eternal life, the unjust to eternal damnation.
· Angels are actual existing spiritual beings. Likewise the devil and evil spirits are actual existing spiritual beings, definitely conquered and judged by Jesus Christ.

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