Organization Description: 

AquaVerde is a non-profit organization which will be producing a high-value veganic (vegetable-organic) plant nutrition product from the micro-algae growing in aquaculture ponds. We believe that there are well over 100 million harvestable pounds per year now falling to the bottom of the ponds, and we have shown their market value to be at least $5 per pound. This is therefore a $500 million dollar opportunity, the large majority of which will remain in the Black Belt via wages at interesting and meaningful jobs, local purchases, and charitable giving, all done in the Name of Jesus Christ.

129 Charleston Place
Auburn, AL 36830
Mission Statement: 

AquaVerde's mission is the economic revitalization of the Black Belt region in the Southeastern U.S.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We believe that God, through his only begotten Son Jesus Christ, created the universe out of nothing, and man from the dust of the earth, all for His pleasure. We further believe that those who surrender their lives to Jesus are then indwelt by the Holy Spirit, with the mission of ministering to the needs of others and witnessing in the Name of Jesus through their works and words.

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