Arithmetai University

Organization Description: 

Through diverse application of our core technology we prepare the body of Christ to meet the challenges of the modern mind of man, our social problems ande shortcomings, with sound counsel we address all the issues and provide a basis for a better adjusted society for tomorrow.

We offer courses to individuals, organizations and governments domestically and internationally.

We create social entities and forge social networks that fulfill our mission and the Great Commission while solving societal woes.

We do so through traditional and non-traditional delivery methods: i.e. classroom, Internet, Cds, DVDs, TV, radio, books, seminars & conferences, training programs, community networking, establishing community based centers and programs, creation of partnerships between major stakeholders in society.

Our programs address all age groups in society: children, teens, adults and seniors. In addition we address all major areas of life: i.e. workplace, business, education, religion, family and marriage, etc.

We count with a core staff of 30 people: academicians & counselors.

Organizational Email:
9131 Hollis Court Blvd.
Queens Village, NY 11428
Mission Statement: 

Our Mission
To impact every major field of science with the wisdom that surpasses the observable universe. To uplift the concept of the fear of God as the foundation for all wisdom. To make our students the main vehicles through which God will cure and teach the nations.

Our goal is to create an unique learning capsule that will produce alumni far superior than those of any "Ivy League" school.

We are committed to excellence and the pursuit of perfection. Our students need to be so focused.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We adhere to all the statement of faith of the Assemblies of God.

Complete Statement of Faith can be viewed at:

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