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Looking back at our past activities, our success has made us prioritize our strategic area of focus on expansion of our services. We desire to have a fully equipped, national standard hospital. The goal of this strategic focus is to enable us to meet a larger population than we are currently able to meet in order to bring quality and effective health services closer to them.

In terms of finances, organization members are providing for 70% of the total operating costs of the hospital through monthly contributions. The rest is obtained via patient registrations, donations from the community and fundraising efforts. We have been able to operate this way for the past 3 years. we are operating on a very tight budget and there is no extra money to carry over from month to month. The community members and hospital Board members are very invested and committed to making the hospital successful and bringing the services in line with accreditation standards from NHIF so that the hospital can have some source of funds from NHIF members which can assist the month to month running cost of the hospital.

+254 20 780 197
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+254 20 780 197
P.O BOX 756-00518
NAIROBI, 00518
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