Asanti Afrika Performers

Organization Description: 

Asanti Afrika Performers is:

A registered Community-based Cultural Performers Crew working to rehabilitate, reintegrate and educate war / HIV / AIDS affected children / young people in Northern Uganda through the exploitation of the ethnicity of contemporary Uganda(Luo) folk music, dance and drama with knowledge of contemporary abstract art music creation aiming at local and international appreciation and participations.

The crew explodes with a hard edged to take on Acholi (Uganda?s) ethic sound with a new powerful style based in driving poly rhythms of several traditional rhythms fused with modern instrumentation.

It?s a community based mobilization and educative project that strives to display strategic musical programmes that impart values in children who have tattered lives.

Organizational Email:
P.O. Box 530
Kampala, 256
Mission Statement: 

To increase public awareness, knowledge and skills of managing socio-economic upheavals in post conflict communities.

Restore cherishable cultural heritage and create a culturally stable, independent and responsive communities with a high level of social awareness, respect and dignity for sustainable development.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We are al daughter and sons of God who is our common parent, therefore we are brother and sisters of Jesus Christ.

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