Asbury Shalom Zone

Organization Description: 

We have the following programs

Grupo Ministerial

Grupo Ministerial is a not-for-profit agency a part of the Asbury Shalom Zone, at 520 Seventh St., Buffalo, NY 14201. It was started in 2006 by members of Primera Iglesia Metodista Unida, who were working with Group Ministry, a not-for-profit on the Eastside of Buffalo. Both organizations have as their primary mission to education at-risk populations of people about HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.
Grupo Ministerial, not only is an education organizations, but it is a support agency that seeks to provide a full range of human need services to the local Westside community. It works in coordination with other community and government agencies to provide health education at several health fairs each year. Clients testing positive for HIV/AIDS are directed to the County and State Health Departments. It helps families find housing, food, furniture, household supplies and clothing. They work with the Asbury Shalom Zone and Primera to refer clients to the Food Pantry and Soup Kitchen at Primera. They direct clients to the Shalom Zone for furniture, household supplies and clothing.


After several gang shootings on Seventh St., near the Asbury Shalom Zone, the request went out that we need help to start some programming for boys to get them off the streets and get them into some programs to help them form values, skills and keep them interested in school. Lucy Roth, a retired probation officer, and her husband Emanon, stepped forward to volunteer to start a Boy Scout troop. At the time, a Girl Scout troop was available nearby, but not Boy Scout Troop.
This effort has been very successful. We now have a Cub Scout and a Boy Scout troop. We have some college students who are giving community service time to help Lucy and Emanon. The boys enjoy the attention, discipline and field trips. They now have some adult role models who truly care about them.


The Asbury Shalom Zone, from its beginning has been soliciting clothing from churches and individuals to sell in out Thrift Store, which the Zone has been doing to help raise money, but also to give our clients dignity in being able to purchase their own clothing.

After a couple years it became apparent that two additional things were occurring. We got clothing that no one wanted to buy and we got more clothing than we could sell. Clothing was building up. What to do with it? We learned that there were buyers who would buy clothing and ship it to foreign countries to be resold there. At first we sold it through a not-for-profit agency already doing this in our community. Then, we realized that we could buy a second hand baler, and bale the clothing ourselves. So, we began buying our own baler and selling directly to the buyer, making more money. This all helps to support the cost of our program and operation. We now, take out the best clothing and clothing our clients will buy and put it in the Thrift Store and then bale the rest. We sell over 40,000 pounds of clothing a year. In this process, we are able to sell boxes of shoes, purses and belts to the same buyers.

BOCES Classes

From the beginning, under the leadership of the Rev. Gail Lewis, we realized our primary mission would be to get adults educated and employable. Rev. Lewis approached BOCES about coming to the Zone to teach job skills, English as a Second Language and help people get their High School Diploma (GED). Since that time we have been in partnership with BOCES for 12 years, educating adults and helping them find jobs. We have many graduates in the community and employed in good paying jobs.
We have installed a modern computer class, where classes are held to teach basic computer skills and the mastery of certain software skills, such as Microsoft WORD, EXCEL, PUBLIHER and other types of software skills needed in the work place.
We have one full-time Certified NYS teacher and on part-time certified teacher for our classes. They work with the Asbury Shalom Zone staff to educate our clients and neighborhood residents. Awards are given out on a bi-monthly basis to adults who have gotten a GED or have completed a particular program.

520 Seventh Street
Buffalo, NY 14201
Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to offer ministries and programs to all Lower West Side residents, both children and adults, to
enlighten, prepare and motivate them for meaningful, self-sustaining lives; to refer clients to partners, collaborators, and other service providers as needed; and to
provide quality space for the benefit of the community
- area businesses, agencies, entrepreneurs, schools and residents, all in the spirit of Christian's call to service.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We envision a Community of Shalom on Buffalo’s
Lower West Side that embraces the neighborhood’s diversity
while meeting its challenges through effective programming,
strategic partnerships and efficient use of our buildings and resources in a community where we restore hope, we live faith and we strive for self-sufficiency.

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