Aseracare Hospice

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Simply put, hospice is not a place -- it?s a medical and philosophical approach to care.

The hospice team provides medical, emotional and spiritual support to individuals with terminal illnesses and their families. Although hospice care is often associated with cancer patients, it is also a resource for people in the final stages of chronic diseases like emphysema, ALS, diabetes, Alzheimer?s disease, heart disease, HIV/AIDS, neuromuscular, kidney and liver disease, and other life-limiting conditions.

Hospice care may be delivered in the person?s home, or it may be in a hospital, nursing home, assisted living center or hospice facility. Doctors, nurses, medical social workers, pharmacists and other hospice care staff use the latest practices and technologies to manage pain and symptoms, and to create the best quality of life during end of life.

Once the decision for hospice care is made, Aseracare will manage the entire spectrum of needs related to the terminal diagnosis in an integrated, efficient way that takes significant pressure off the loved one and their family.

Our hospice professionals manage any number of medical, psychological, spiritual and practical challenges that are a part of the end-of-life process. These may include the medical apparatus, managing pain and comfort, processing paperwork, and coordinating volunteers to provide respite and companionship.

We also provide -- in coordination with a family?s wishes -- social work services and spiritual support, including involvement of counselors and clergy from church or denomination.

In short, our hospice team provides a nurturing, supportive culture for all.

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