aswasa bhavan and aswas vidhya sthan public school

KOTTAYAM kerala india, 686502
Mission Statement: 

Aswasa Bhavan is the main project of CORRECTIONS INDIA MOVEMENT and is the only institution of its kind. Corrections India is a non-profit organization working for the welfare of prisoners and family for the last 20 years. This organization aims at the prevention, control and correction through moral teachings and rehabilitation..

Aswasa Bhavan means a home of comfort. Mr. Joseph Mathew, a professional chartered accountant who committed his life totally for the wounded and rejected founded Aswasa Bhavan in 1989 together with his wife Mrs.Aneena Mathew, a social worker in the government department.

Joseph had gone away from the good life during his successful accounting practice. Addicted to different substance abuse, Joseph came to brink of death. Later he was corrected and dedicated his life for the full time work for the wounded and rejected. At present there are more than 50 children, both male and female who experience the magic of love and care. All these children get the richest opportunities for their education, career and social life. Aswasa Bhavan does not consider any caste or creed.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

It is very unfortunate for the children of prisoners because they are suffering not because of their fault. When either or both the parents are in the prison there is no one to look after and give shelter to them and they miss education and care they need. Often they are misled and engage in crimes and other anti social activities. Aswasa Bhavan offer maximum care and education to the prisoners' children. Organizers of the institution Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mathew treat all the children as their own.

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