Atma Vani Welfare Society

Organization Description: 

Atma Vani is a Gospel preaching ministry whose main object is to spread the word of LORD JESUS CHRIST. The ministry is dedicated to Pray for all people of all backgrounds who are sick and troubled, having none to intercede for them so as to receive miracles from the Almighty God. Since its beginning in 2005, the missionary organization has been experiencing a new apostolic age, much like what the early church enjoyed.

KANPUR, 208027
Mission Statement: 

Atma Vani is an organization upholding Christian values and Work for the transformation of lives in India without discrimination in caste, creed or race, to uplift and educate the poor and to train them in an occupation which would give them a measure of independence and self-esteem.

Atma Vani is working for upliftment for poor and needy people for bringing them to main stream society by providing Health, Education, training and basic needs especially for the development of children & women.

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