Awach sare community based organisation for health initiatives

Organization Description: 

ACBOHI programme is a non-partisan, non-religious organization. It operates under the structure and systems defined by the Members. Awach Sare Community Based Organisation for Health Initiatives (ACBOHI) is a youth initiative formed by young people of Rachuonyo North District in 2008. ACBOHI project started as health rehabilitation CBO after the post election clashes that characterized Kenya in 2008. The organization involved itself in counseling of returnees who were evicted from other regions of Kenya and helped them settle down. It was registered with the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Services as a community based organization (CBO). Registration number is 553/2010. After working with the affected in the community for a short time the demand for development initiatives spread beyond the initial catchment area. The organisation has since then increased its development initiatives to cover food security, environmental rehabilitation, HIV/AIDS, water and sanitation, gender equity, and disaster mitigation ACBOHI empowers youth and children in difficult circumstances to identify their needs and participate in the process of addressing these needs in order to enhance their livelihoods and well being. To escape the hunger, poverty and deprivation, many youths turn to alcoholism or idleness that lead to criminal activities. ACBOHI reaches out to these youths with a view of taking them away from all these problems and endeavours to give them a direction by harnessing their ambitions in life through counseling, skill training, HIV and AIDS awareness and other support and empowerment geared towards independent life. It provides beneficiaries with an outlet for their enthusiasm for positive life and for therapeutic activities and other opportunities despite adversity. Many children and youth of this nature have been helped to re-join school at primary and secondary school. There is a challenge now on how to help them join colleges for vocational skill acquisition and development.

Vision: ACBOHI envisions a community managing a Sustainable Development and Enhanced Healthy Livelihoods through proper utilization of available resources.

KISUMU, NV 40301
Mission Statement: 

ACBOHI is committed to be a leading facilitator in addressing health security through capacity building and delivery for sustainable development.

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