Organization Description: 

Baraka Technical College-orphans center is proven fast growing a non profit making Christian based organization giving hope to hopeless youth and rescuing orphans and abandoned children in eastern Kenya which was founded by missionary Rev John katundu in the year 1991, this organization has two branches one in Sofia which deals with youth over 14 years where most of activities are coordinated. The other branch is in Makutano which acts like a home for homeless and neglected children of 0 ages to 13 years. With its main objective focused on rescuing the bleeding lives of children and youth boys and girls who due to their abject poverty situation never continue with normal education and at result were jobless loitered in markets streets jobless.
Our main activities include rescuing the abandoned and neglected orphaned children, provide for their basic needs food, medication, education and shelter.
Recruiting orphans and most needy youth in eastern Kenya train them in vocational skills courses for two years geared them to self reliance.
We partner and network with community groups,churches,and government agencies in propelling poverty eradication towards millennium goal 2015.
1. Tailoring & Dressmaking
2. Motor Vehicle Mechanics
3. Motor Vehicle Electrical
4. Driving
5. Knitting
6. Social Ethics/ Business Education
7. Hair dressing and beauty therapy
The center works hand in hand with the provincial administration and church leaders in the area to identify the most needy children and youth within the community. Youth are enrolled to take two years vocational skills training which helps them to cope with the competitive world making them marketable and equipped able to lift the burden of poverty off from their brothers and sisters neck back in the village.

This center has acquired over 5 acres land where we have constructed dormitories for boys and girls with capacity of 300. And other facilities like classrooms and chapel, and its main offices where all activities are co-coordinated from.
A) Since the birth of this center over 2000 young men and women have graduated with the majority of them utilizing the skill they acquired to earn their living. Many of them are working in different companies in EPZ Athi river, Industrial area, Ruaraka, East African Breweries Ltd, while others keep small scale businesses in the surrounding towns e.g. Matuu, Sofia, Kithimani, Ndalani and are now helping their brothers and sisters back home.
B) Also following the expansion of the college in terms of courses and enrollment the college was in October 2005 appointed as a centre for National Trade Examination exams by the Ministry of Labor and Human Resources. it was again approved has an examination center for the highest grade 1 by the same ministry in 28/8/2009
This is a branch center which acts like a home for homeless and neglected children of 0 ages to 13 years where the receive parental love as they find an alternative home which they can call a home and return from school.
This great vision continued to touch the lives of different people in different places who raised the same concern and came to assist: -
1. The American embassy donated {6} sawing machines and some learning materials.
2. The Community Development Trust Fund, helped to construct {3} Classrooms
3. Students of Nairobi University donated
4. Mr/Mrs Solomon Njoroge of London the web site builder a good friends and our partners who did a great job of making this organization to be viewed in the net globally.

po box 397 matuu
Mission Statement: 

To fight poverty, give real hope to as many needy youth and children as possible, and to aid them in overcome the burdens of poverty to become healthy, educated, self-sustaining and contributing to economic growth.
To ensure that the children, young people and the marginalized members of the society access justice, social and economic empowerment, a decent and dignified livelihood.
This is achieved by: Seeking out to rescue and rehabilitate street and orphaned children who have been in especially difficult circumstances by providing shelter and accommodation.
Feeding the displaced orphaned street children with a balanced and nutritional diet and clothing
Building capacity in rescued youth and children in formal and informal education and equipping them with vocational training skills
Spiritual nourishment - guidance and counseling, evangelism
• parental care and love
•To offer vocational training in various skills such as carpentry, metal work, motor mechanics, building and construction, agriculture, dressmaking and cloth design, hairdressing, home economics, health care and child care among others in order to complement formal education and to equip the beneficiaries with lucrative skills for resource exploitation and future self reliance.
•To provide educational opportunities for those qualify to high school, food and basic living essentials for as many needy and orphans as possible.
•To offer the children and the surrounding community with spiritual nourishment, counseling, guidance and Christian teaching.
•To rehabilitate the children and the youth morally through character behavior transformation with the view of reuniting them with their respective families and those who have no parents to enable them articulate themselves comfortably within the society and the economy.
•To undertake collaborations with other individuals, bodies and organizations regarding research on social-economic matters related to sex abuse, early pregnancy, drug abuse, alcoholism and related effects on children and youth.
•To increase environmental awareness within the community so as to enable them to protect, preserve and promote their surroundings.
•To act on a not for profit basis, using all funds and assets gained, donations, grants or loans for development and advancement of youth and children’s issues.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

christian based organization serving all people from any back ground

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