Beacon Research & Development agency

Organization Description: 

he agency is a youth led organization formed by young christians who share a strong vision for the development of the country of Tanzania. The founders of the organization met in Daystar University, Kenya. In May 2008 they together with other co-founders from outside the university agreed on forming the organization with the aim of fulfilling their passion in terms of development, use their expertise and further their experience in the areas of research, missions and development. Founders of the organization had before then been involved individually in missions, extension education and peer counseling and education, especially in the areas of HIV/AIDS and Drug abuse. The agency deliberated on adopting these efforts so that they can be undertaken by the agency as opposed to an individual. The agency has since then being successfully planning on projects and programs that it wants to undertake in the future, awaiting its certification by the government.

Organizational Email:
Dar es salaam, 76610
Mission Statement: 

The mission of the organization is summarized in the mission statement ‘where needs and opportunities meet’. It is to explore the society and look for needs in communities and individuals and plan strategically on how those needs can be met.
The vision that propelled the establishment of this agency is to expose all needs represented in the society as well as to discover opportunities in every situation that has needs. It is the transformation of hopeless social situations into hopeful ones.

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