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Beautiful Gate Namibia

Beautiful Gate Namibia work with three different age groups:

1. Three to six years:

At present, 60 children are benefiting from the care centre and the after school program at Beautiful Gate in Katutura, Windhoek Namibia. All of them are vulnerable children and some of them are HIV+ or orphans due to Aids. In this safe and loving environment, the children at Beautiful Gate not only have their educational needs met but also receive spiritual, social, physical and emotional support. Due to a holistic approach children are being prepared for primary school education yet at the same the day care centre addresses the multiple issues relating to children affected by impoverishment and HIV/Aids. The ultimate aim of the care centre is to improve the quality of live for children in need, their families and their communities.

The care centre in Katutura opened officially on September 27th 2003 in a separate part of a business building. A contract was offered for a rental free use of the premises for a period of three years where after Beautiful Gate has a first option to purchase.

At present Beautiful Gate Namibia runs one day care centre in which Aids orphans and other vulnerable children receive an educational and an after school care program and receive at least one nutritious meal a day. A training program for (home based) care givers and pre-school teacher and the establishment of a children?s hostel and a hospice for Aids infected children are part of the objectives of Beautiful Gate Namibia.

The components of Day Care Centre include providing for, social, emotional, physical and spiritual care for orphans and other vulnerable children. Other activities include early childhood education, the provision of nutritious meals, recreational programs and home work supervision.
To date, the day care centre has provided a nursery school program to 60 children and has trained 28 teachers and training has been provided to a number of care givers on an adhoc base.

Beautiful Gate Namibia was officially registered with the department of Welfare and Health in Namibia and with the Ministry of Women and Child Affairs during September 2003.

2. Orphans and vulnerable children between the ages seven and sixteen:

Youth Centre:
a. Youth Clubs
b. Discipleship classes
c. Entrepreneurial training
d. Sports development
e. Supporting children with school work
f. Offering extra muriel classes (Maths, English and science)
g. computer classes
h. Offering lectures and group discussions on awareness and prevention of HIV/Aids.
i. Helping to de-stigmatise the disease by explaining to young people the importance of
Supporting HIV positive people, the struggles they go through and the fact that anybody
can contract it and such people need the community?s support.

Taking the school going orphans and OVC?s for a) adventure day camps b) adventure weekend camps c) adventure holiday camps. While working with the orphans and OVC?s in Katutura, we realise the need of taking the children out of their surroundings to a camp site, where we can minister to them in the above mentioned areas. We see that there are at present no programmes or facilities to help support and nurture the school going orphans and we want to meet that need. We would like to start building a camp site, 15 km outside the City, on the land of Youth with A Mission. (Our Mother organisation)

3. The adults in the Community

The components of training include assisting in obtaining parents skills for care
givers, training of nursery school teacher, training in home based care and various other

The goals of Beautiful Gate Care Center are:
? To create a safe environment for vulnerable children in which their educational, social, spiritual and physical needs are being met;
? To provide training for care givers and nursery school teachers;
? To facilitate through networking and training the multiplication of care centers throughout Namibia;
? To offer camps during school holidays and over weekends to school going orphans to meet their psycho-social, physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
? To offer afternoon programs for school going orphans and vulnerable children.

Four of the goals are accomplished through the four programs presently operating at Beautiful Gate care Centre in Windhoek: a day care centre, a training program, afternoon programme for orphans and adventure camps. It is anticipated that the other goals will be accomplished when the four present programs are sustainable and additional premises becomes available.

Beautiful Gate is part of a network involved in HIV/ Aids related issues.

Organizational Email:
P.O. Box 97392
Windhoek, 0000
Mission Statement: 

Beautiful Gate Namibia is an international, interdenominational Christian organisation providing care and support to children in need and their families. The ministry provides emotional, spiritual and physical care to children in need. Beautiful Gate Namibia is supporting families and communities by giving practical assistance, theoretical training and discipleship

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