Beautiful Kidz

Organization Description: 

Day Care Centre - To provide a Day Care Centre with a safe environment for AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children between the ages of 3-18 years, where thay can be cared for during the day and receive a good meal.

Youth Development - To provide a youth centre for educational, entrepreneurial and recreation purposes.

Fundraising - To raise funds to support and sustain the Day Care Centre's and Children's Homes.

Community Based Training - To empower the Community so that they can become self-sustainable and independent.

+264 61 23 44 65
Organizational Email:
Corner of Dawid Goraseb & Albert Conradie Street
Windhoek, 9000
Mission Statement: 

Providing care and support to needy children and their families. The ministry provides medical, emotional, spiritual, physical and educational care to children in need.

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