Beautiful Women of Skid Row

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We are a group of photographers from a Skid Row Photography Club that felt it was time that the women in skid row were shown in a positive manner and began to gather them in a nice environments provide make-up good lighting and capture them in a naturally beautiful moment in their other wise troubled and turbulent lives. However during our first shot I discovered that in a group of 15 women 12 acknowledged they had been rapped as children and that this had a life long impact that was never truly addressed, at that moment I saw that it was not enough to simply take a good picture I had to find a way to help at the very least to bring awareness that this all too often undressed issue must come to light, I had to do more, I had to tell the stories of these often times courageous women who to themselves thought the challenges and obstacles they hurtled did in fact make each of them my hero’s, my champions, survivors and potential inspirations for those ladies that are still in the grips of being targeted and then victimized, this type of personal, mental, verbal and physical abuse must come to a halt.

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534 S. Wall Street #307
los angeles, CA 90013
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Voices Women of Skid Row

This is a project begun by Michael Blaze founder of Skid Row Films, Arts, Culture & Us and Skid Row Photography Club designed to emphasis that the ladies of Skid Row are not only beautiful but powerful survivors dedicated to overcoming adversary, childhood rap and molestation, drugs, spousal abuse, poverty, teen-age pregnancy and the stigma of incarceration, but just one glance will tell us immediately that they too, SHINE. If you or someone that has a club, group or organization that deals to relieve the above situations, please ask them to contact me, thank you. Together we can make a change!
(213) 784-1692

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