Becky's Foundation

Organization Description: 

Becky's Foundation based in Ghana has been working to improve the quality of life of vulnerable children. The projects of the foundation includes Childcare, Healthcare, Sports Development, Special Needs and Community Development. The work of BeckFound is carried out by a dedicated local staff and consistently assisted by a diverse group of incredible volunteers from all over the world.

H32 Ohia ma adwen, korlebu road
Senya Beraku, 233
Mission Statement: 

To team up with selfless people and organizations to empower unprivileged people and communities through sustainable projects in education, health, attitudinal changes, and skill training.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Becky?s Foundation is determined to ensure its core values remain unchanged:

We are God fearing, so we continue to draw inspiration from the unconditional loving kindness of God towards mankind.
We endorse local and international laws with regard to the fundamental rights and protection of children.
We are ethical, honest, and accountable in all aspects relating to our work.
We are open to continuous learning, responsible partnerships, new ideas, and creativity towards steady positive growth

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