Belonging House, Inc.

Organization Description: 

Our mission is expressed in three distinct ways:

Belonging House throws fabulous dinner parties that allow God to do amazing things around the table.   Over the past eight years we have brought people and resources together around the table. It has been our primary way of doing ministry. The feasts have been incredibly effective in changing lives and impacting creative people.

Belonging House hosts the presence of God in cities, neighborhoods, and churches.   We have started houses of prayer, led strategic prayer in Cleveland, Boston, and Salem, Massachusetts, and have been involved in prayer movements like the 10 Days of Prayer and the National Day of Prayer. We believe that the prayer of faith is one of the highest expressions of creativity.

Belonging House trains, equips, and disciples artists and culture-shapers. Over the past 8 years we have developed an online community that is approaching 400 subscribers. We publish a weekly email update that has an average open rate of 40%. The best day on our website,, was 18,000 hits. The website averages over 1000 hits each month. We have also developed teaching materials to help Christians learn to hear God. Belonging House Creative has published two books The Glory of A Wasted Life and An Army Arising: Why Artists are on the Frontline of the Next Move of God.

All together, the vision of Belonging House is to create an Embassy of Heaven that brings creative culture-shapers together, and sends them out to transform the world.

The ministry operates under the philosophy, Listen to the Lord and do what He tells you. We have done very minimal fundraising. Belonging House is a living parable to creative people. Each weekly email bears the tag line Fear not God can be trusted. Because of the call to live a radical life of faith, we can confidently help creative men and women step out toward their dreams. God directed us many years ago to tell the story and let Me move people to give. Most of our time is spent telling the Belonging House Story.

P.O. Box 140344
Boston, MA 02114
Mission Statement: 

We are a ministry located in Greater Boston, Massachusetts called to raise up an army of artists who build Jesus a throne in the earth.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Belonging House uses the Nicene Creed as it's foundational statement of faith.
In addition we are committed to the belief the human sexuality is best expressed in the vision expressed in the clear reading of scripture--fidelity in marriage, celibacy for the unmarried, and that the union of one man and one woman reflects the unique relationship between Christ and his Church.

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