BEN at Civic Works

Organization Description: 

BEN (Baltimore Education Network) is an advocacy group that has been a leader in Baltimore's public schools for the last 11 years. BEN is now a program of Civic Works, Inc., and does business as BEN at Civic Works. This new relationship affords Civic Works and BEN the opportunity to capitalize on synergies in programming, and provide BEN the financial stability and organizational depth needed to expand the range of its service to parents, school administrators, and the community.

BEN is currently the only community-based organization solely committed to educating, training and organizing parents. Over the past year, Baltimore Education Network has successfully trained over 40 volunteers to support schools.

BEN at Civic Works has been has a leader in Baltimore organizing families, youth, neighborhoods and community-based citywide groups around issues that support educational excellence and accountability. The core of its work moving forward will be developed around a multi-faceted plan designed to build informed and well trained parent organizations that will be active in local schools and communities.

BEN at Civic Works is dedicated to organizing community resources, including direct outreach, to community residents and stakeholders by engaging parents and parent leaders in Baltimore City Public Schools. Through community canvassing and effectively motivating parents, BEN promotes activism and advocacy, connects parents and citizens at-large with their community schools, and mobilizes volunteers with measurable outcomes. BEN's commitment also includes establishing positive opportunities for youth, such as our Male Involvement Activities, and addressing parenting skills through a variety or trainings and leadership experiences.

2701 St. Lo Drive
Baltimore, MD 21213
Mission Statement: 

BEN's Mission Statement: To actively involve families and caregivers in the education of all children.

Vision Statemnent: To become the nation's leading resource for parental involvement and engagement.

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