Organization Description: 

BENENFANCE is a Non-Confessional Christian organization, non-governmental, nonprofit, and non-political organization. BENENFANCE has legal status and personality from American, Ugandan and Congolese Governments.

Also, BENENFANCE is an alliance of BENENFANCEE grassroots NGOs and CBOs working in the field of child rights and basic services for children and their families in three countries that includes the Republic of Uganda, the United States and the Democratic Republic of Congo since 2005.

8313 South west FWY #211
Houston, TX 77074
Mission Statement: 

Benenfance's mission is to impact disadvantaged children, women, men, families, and communities around the world by alleviating sufferings and promoting development, socio-economic growth, and human dignity worldwide.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

In BENENFANCEE, we believe that GOD loves every child, and so do we. Every child deserves a safe and loving environment-thats where children thrive best-but many child dont have this opportunity. So, we pracice the LOVE of JESUS-CHRIST by protecting, educating and enhancing the lives of children and famillies trough quality social services.

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