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P. O. Box 395 Jinja, Uganda Â? East Africa
Tel: 256-782-593714
Fax: 256-43-121322

Beroya Gospel Fellowship is found at Bugembe Trading Centre in Jinja District. We have our fellowship in a rented hall at the happy primary school. The Beroya is adopted word from the bible in the Acts 17:10-11 meaning Berea in English. We operate as a spiritual fatherly body to many churches in eastern Uganda basing at Jinja district near the source of River Nile. We have 9 local churches with an average Number of members 4500 people, with 20 groups of single mothers totaling to a number of 750 women.


Beroya Gospel Fellowship is a local Christian faith based organization registered with the ministry of internal affairs, with a registration certificate No. 5914/1085 in 1995.
The organization was formed due to the call of spiritual and social economic development services in the region of Busoga in Eastern Â? Uganda, which led the local Pastors namely Pastor Mwandha Michael and Late Pastor Walugosi Samuel to come up with initiation of Beroya Gospel Fellowship to render services in the following programmes
- Evangelism
- Education
- Medical
- Relief and technical aid to the needy. Beroya is committed to variety of activities in areas of spiritual and humanitarian services to the communities of Uganda.
The major problems that we are to address among the many is ignorance, poverty and diseases, therefore we are committed to be creative and trying out new ways of doing things to achieve greater results that will bring glory to our God through answering the great commission of Jesus Christ .


Our mission is to promote spiritual and social economic development with aim of improving the standard of living in the Uganda communities.


Our vision is to see a society with better spiritual morals, skills and ability to provide themselves with basic needs of life such as food, medical, shelter and other necessities.
Organisational structure
1a. The top highest office of the organisation is in Christ as our Head.
b. We have a board of Directors of five members which comprises the three founders plus two appointed members from the fellowship and among the directors are assigned duties to the following offices
a. Executive Director
b. Director for Pastoral Administration
c. Director for Social Services Administration
c. We have control Administration office that comprises the following:
- The Executive Director as the head
- General Secretary
- Treasurer

This is to run the duties of the whole organization i.e. keeping records and making reports to the board of Directors.
2. The Director (for Pastoral Administration)
This is a Director in the fellowship in charge of the Pastoral and church duties, is to oversee and make report to the central office of the Executive Director and works hand in hand with the central office. He has the right to form different committees to run church services and activities with in the fellowship after being approved by the board through the executive director.
3. The Director for social services (Administration). This is a director in the fellowship in charge of the community services rendered by the fellowship and he work hand in hand with the central office of the Executive Director by making reports to the office, He/she has to form committees responsible to run any project that is rendered by the fellowship after being approved by the board through the executive director.
4. The fellowship has different committees that implement the duties of the programs created by the Board of directors.
1.To has organizational capacity building.
2. To lobby funds and connect friends for technical resources and support to the organization.
3. To foster the development of life skills and quality provision through the fellowship

4. To set up projects for income generating that can support our services to the church and communities.
Current activities:
We are doing the following under different programs:-
1. Evangelism:
(i) We have church planting ministry.
(ii) We have Bible sharing and training the members through workshops, conferences and seminars.
(iii) We do set up church structures for our church fellowships.
(iv) We are planning to begin a Bible training school for training leaders and send them to missions in different communities in Uganda and outside Uganda.
(v) We have women fellowship, men and youth fellowship, and children ministry.

2. Relief and technical aid:

(i) We are in partnership with international Justice Mission working on women and children rights issues by bringing back their properties which are taken by their late husbandÂ?s relatives and so far, we have done 22 cases that we have helped technically in legal advocacy.
(ii) We have widows and single mothers empowerment project whereby we have 20 groups of women in Jinja district, whom we send relief support in form of seeds that can help them to have enough food in their families, goats, pigs and chicken for income generating projects. We have given the bicycles for making their marketing system easy.
(iii) We have opened up a health service centre for developing community
Health workers that will be going out in our local churches to training members
in preventive methods of health, i.e. environmental health, sanitation and
Our proposed projects:

Under the following programmers we do propose to:
1. Education Program:
(a) We have a plan of establishing schools, vocation training centers and colleges as a way of equipping our leaders and youths to have skills and ability to develop their families.
(b) We do have a plan of having Community Health Educational Program as a way of improving their Health status in their Home states.

2. Medical Program:
We are planning to open up the following:
(a) Community HIV/AIDS Counseling and stigmatizations project for reaching out to the affected and infected families with a Christian approach through training the trainers in handling such cases with care and support to the sick and the affected members of the family.
(b) Establishing rehabilitation, caring and spiritual formation centers that can help us in giving knowledge and treatment to the serious minor cases to those who do not have where to stay with their children yet they are sick.
Our Organizational serious prayer requests:
We are appealing to all friends, well-wishers to stand with us in prayer and support, that we can have the following as soon as our organization is concerned.
- Land for the office block and structures of the church hall and administrational offices.
Therefore, your prayers, advises and directives will be highly relied upon for the success of our organization growth and service deliver to the people of God in whom we trust.

You can make contact to: Pastor Mwandha Michael Executive Director.

Yours in Christ and God bless you all.

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