Best Shot Foundation

Organization Description: 

The Best Shot Foundation utilizes strategic and targeted campaigns to urge Congress to provide adequate funding for global child health programs.

Each year, 7.6 million children die before their fifth birthday. Over two-thirds of these children die from conditions that can be prevented or easily treated.

With adequate support, four million children can be saved each year.

To save young lives, the Best Shot Foundation is building a grassroots movement to press Congress to make responsible spending decisions that will protect young children around the world. Along with Best Shot, individuals:
? Appeal to the President and Congressional members and staff,
? write to newspapers, news programs, and other media outlets,
? meet with members of Congress,
? host events in schools, homes, and houses of worship, and
? lead and participate in student and other groups.

733 10th Street NW
Washington, DC 20001
Mission Statement: 

We are guided by the following ideas:

? It is inexcusable for even a single child to die needlessly.
? Each year, over five million children under the age of five die from completely preventable diseases.
? Practical solutions such as inexpensive vaccines and antibiotics would save these young lives.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Faith. Acts. United. brings together faith-based communities to respond to a moral and theological commitment to care for all of God?s children.

We believe:

1. All children are God?s children, and not one should die needlessly.
2. Knowing that childhood diseases such as pneumonia are treatable and preventable, we declare unceasing resolve to protect innocent lives.
3. Our duty to protect all children requires that we raise our voices together on their behalf. We call on our leaders to provide the resources necessary to protect every one of God?s children.

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