Bible Way Chapel

Organization Description: 

A sixty year old Spirit filled church In Irving, Texas outside of Dallas. We have a new pastor and a fresh vision, Bible Way is expanding in every direction and ministry. With a high end video production ministry and website ministry, we are poised to spread the good news to the whole world.

1401 S. Trinity View St.
Irving, TX 75060
Mission Statement: 

Bible Way Chapel received a fresh vision to spread an old message. We believe a church should be filled with ministries, and use modern technology as the powerful tool it can be. Bible Way supports missions, both abroad and in our own community. As a vibrant church, we will always grow and look for new directions for ministry opportunities.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Jesus died for our sins and so that he could send the comforter, His Holy Spirit, to lead us and guide us into all truths. There is no new revelations other than those given in God's word, which is his infallible word. We have received that the Holy Spirit has fallen on the world in a mighty way over the last century as a prelude to the soon coming of our Lord and Saviour. We believe in the gifts of the Spirit which include miracles and healings.

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