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Mission Statement: 

The mission of Biblicalapedia is to provide tools for the study of the Bible the and message of Jesus Christ through it by documenting the theological and literary elements to prove it?s reliability and accuracy.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

*God is the Creator of the universe and is the all powerful supreme being that is everywhere and knows everything.
*God is existent as a Trinity of three persons, The Father, The Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit which all have distinct roles yet are one God

*The person of God, The Son, Jesus Christ, was born of a virgin birth, being fully God and and fully human
*Jesus Christ was without sin, thus fulfilling the law< and making Him the only candidate to take the punishment for our sins. Jesus Christ died by Crucifixion in the most physically and psychologically painful death ever
*After his death, Jesus Christ resurrected from the grave after three days and then eventually ascended into Heaven, promising to one day return

*The Bible is ultimately authored by God, while using human authors given the writing by the Holy Spirit
*The Bible is in full canon as 66 books of the Bible that are not complete without each other, yet on their own are inspired

*God created mankind in His own image
**Humans are knitted by God even in the womb
*Man was made with two genders, Male and Female, designed for unity within marriage
*Mankind was made for the purposes of glorifying God
*Mankind has free will to make their own decisions, yet we are predestined in our faith
*Man is imperfect with fault and being mortal is not without sin

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