Big House Boxing

Organization Description: 

We are currently located in the Immanuel Baptist Church building at 4303 S. MLK Jr Blvd in Lansing, MI. On the corner of Pierce and MLK, just South of Cavanaugh. We have Heavy Bags, Speed Bags, Double End Bags, a Round Timer and more.

We start with the BASICS, including mechanics: stance, footwork, leverage, balance, movement - including rhythm and momentum, coordination, powerful straight fast snapping punches: jab, right hand (or left, if you're a 'southpaw'), hooks, upper cuts, and combinations. Also positioning: hands up, chin down, elbows in. Then there's defensive movements and strategies: head, arm and body movements - parrying & cuffing, slipping & faking, bobbing & weaving, lateral movements, angles, distance, timing - and on down the line.

There's also conditioning: circuit and mirror training, shadow boxing, heavy bag, speed bag, jump rope, strength training, and stomach exercises, plus roadwork, diet, and when and how to train - including stretching at the beginning and end of every workout, so you don't feel 'knocked out' the next day!

All of these techniques can be applied to help you learn focus and apply strategy that can help you in the rest of your busy life and can help instill confidence while you're shaping up!

Organizational Email:
4632 Bristol St
Lansing, MI 48910
Mission Statement: 

To reach people with the gospel through boxing.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We are saved by grace... through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross!

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