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Organization Description: 

Baraka technical college-orphans center is a registered non-profit organization based in Kenya,founded by missionary family mr/mrs Rev John katundu during their first missionary work in Yatta district in the year 1991, committed to community development; provide education and other services essential for the growth of needy children, particularly orphans, street children and at-risk youth

We are in front line to Delivering hope to the hopeless by providing Feeding, education, and alternative home to the homeless orphans, abandoned children in Eastern Africa equip them to fight poverty throw innovative skills in this pointing time of poor global economic systems.
This organization has two branches one in Sofia which deals with youth over 14 years where most of activities are coordinated. The other branch is in Makutano Masinga district which acts like a home for homeless and neglected children of 0 age to 13 years. with its main objective focused on rescuing the bleeding lives of children and youth boys and girls who due to their abject poverty situation never continue with normal education and at result were jobless loitered in markets streets.

po box 397 matuu
MATUU, 90119
Mission Statement: 

To fight poverty, give real hope to as many needy youth and children as possible, and to aid them in overcome the burdens of poverty to become healthy, educated, self-sustaining.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

This is a christian based organization founded in the year 1991by an African born again preacher during his first missionary work in eastern kenya.
believe that Jesus died for us to be saved and whoever believes in him
has internal live and will reign with him when he comes for his church.

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