Blessed Children's Hope Foundation

Organization Description: 

Blessed Childrens Hope Foundation was founded by Andrew Maina Mongare in early 2009. It was then registered as a non-profit organization in 2012, with the aim of alleviating suffering among the communities of Kenya that have been hit by poverty, hunger and diseases. Blessed Childrens Hope Foundation is determined to reach orphans, widows and abandoned children as well as poor starving families in the community. As a non-profit organization, our priority is to improve the quality of living standards in the community through the provision of support, love and care in the form of education, feeding programs, empowerment, recreational activities, health care, clean water and clothing. Our interventions are based on the understanding and appreciation that community needs cannot be separated from the general care of children and, therefore, responses have to be developed as part of broader based community care initiatives. We deliver support, care and guidance to families, parents, guardians and caregivers that are directly affected by HIV/AIDS and make contributions to community based actions to uplift and support families fostering young children.

Nyamira, OH 40500
Mission Statement: 

To increase opportunities and express hope. We strive to provide communities with projects designed to address the entire villages' most pressing needs in order to bring them out of desperate poverty and into a life full of hope for better living.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We believe in God the father,God the son and God the Holy spirit.We believe God the creator and preserver of all things,who created man male and female on his own image and gave them dominion over the earthly creation.We believe the deity humanity of God the son,the Lord Jesus Christ who being very God ,also became man,being begotten of the Holy spirit born of the virgin Mary,was crucified ,dead and ascended to the right hand of the father,whose two natures continue eternally and inseparably joined together in one person.We believe the Holy scripture,the bible as originally given by divine inspiration of God ,infallible and its consequent ensure trustworthiness,supreme authority and standard in all matters of doctrine and conduct.We believe Holy spirit whose indwelling ,empowering,illuminating,regenerating and sanctifying work the believing christian is able to live a holy and victorious life and work in the power of the risen Lord Jesus Christ.We believe the true church whose Head is the Lord Jesus Christ and whose members are all regenerate persons united to Christ and to one another by the baptism of the Holy spirit.We believe the observance of the ordinances of baptism and the Lord's supper as appointed by the Lord Jesus Christ.We believe the supreme mission of the church as being to glorify God and preach the Gospel to very creature.We believe the existence of satan and demons whose intent is to supplant God and frustrate His purposes and whose ultimate is consignment to eternal punishment.We believe the existence of Holy angels,who worship and are God's agents for the execution of His purposes and plans in heaven ,the universe on earth.We believe the bodily resurrection of all the dead believers,who are justified sinners soley by the grace of God through faith in Christ's substitutional sacrife unto everlasting blessedness and of the unbelievers unto judgement and everlasting punishment.

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