Organization Description: 

To assist the physically challenged, the needy and the vulnerable in the communities. To create awareness of child abuse and child protection issues within the society in order to create a safe environment for the optimal growth of the children.

OUR ACTIVITIES: Blessed Little angels is not for profit, non-governmental
organization working to assist the vulnerable, abandoned, destitute,
marginalized and deprived in society through education and other integrated rural
development programmes such as youth developmental programmes, off the street
activities, youth and children empowerment through vocational education,
health education and agricultural development programmes to supplement the
deprived in the society.
The organization shall provide youth with the essential resources,
motivation and encouragement needed to support themselves to decide freely and
responsibly. We aim to initiate projects in communities (schools, clinics,
orphanages, and community centres) by process of infrastructures and facilitation
of programmes, through volunteerism, fundraising and donations.
We can now boast of over 500 youth empowered through our youth development
programmes in Ghana as a whole.
The group is also developed to assist rural and urban dwellers in times of
natural or man-made disasters, education, health, environment, empowerment
of women through micro-enterprises, and promoting cultural diversity
The organization works with all ages, genders and ethnic groups, especially
at the rural level. The group runs its objectives with the kind
donations/contributions from individuals, churches, groups/organizations, corporate
sectors, concern philanthropists, and individual volunteers.
(The organization can provide guest houses and host families,
transportation and food for an affordable fee that can be used to accommodate volunteers
throughout their stay and participation in the project placement.)
To achieve our mission we are committed to:
1. The provision of quality voluntary services to the deprived in society
in terms of education, health, and food supplement (through agricultural
development programmes) etc...
2. Ensuring the welfare and motivation of our children
3.Recruiting and retaining the best human resources in carrying out
efficient and effective selfless work.
4. Promoting spiritual growth of our children through quality Christian
faith programmes.
5.Empowerment of our children/youth to be responsible citizens in their
communities to take up responsible roles.
6.To develop the manpower base in the rural communities for effective
running of affairs of children.
7.Blessed Little Angels, a non-governmental organization is committed to
raising children/youth to be responsible members of the society and in their
families as a whole.
1. To promote the development of Ghana's children/youths.
2. Provide support to the rural folks in terms of education and crop
3. provide primary health care to the vulnerable and disadvantaged in our
4. Rise funds for the children's trust funds.
5. Support education.
6. Empower women through micro enterprise activities.
7. Promote volunteerism and involve volunteers in programmes that enable
rural communities to help themselves.
8. Promote cultural diversity programmes.

0218 sowutuiom road
accra, 554
Mission Statement: 

Our mission is to support orphans, the elderly, disabled and helping to alleviate poverty in rural communities through community based projects and outreaches.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Verily verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as you have done unto the least of these, so you have done unto me.

Matt 25:40

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