Borneo Theological Seminary

Organization Description: 

Borneo Theological Seminary is a theological college founded in 2003, has a vision of Borneo to the glory of Christ. Currently there are 45 people consisting of students from various tribes in Indonesia. Course events held from Monday-Friday (08:00 to 16:00). All students living on campus as well as staff and faculty. Every Saturday and Sunday students and some lecturers down help services in local churches.

Jl.Tanjung-entikong, km.6 no.8 Pandan Sembuat, Kec.Tayan Hulu
sosok, 78562
Mission Statement: 

Produce and graduating pastors, evangelists, missionaries, teachers and servants of God who has:
1. Integrity: an example in speech, conduct, love, fidelity and the sanctity of life (1 Timothy 4:12)
2. Intellectual: quality in the knowledge of theology which is implemented in building community and teaching (1 Timothy 4: 13)
3. Insight interdenominational ministry: to be able to serve a variety of church denominations as one entity from the body of Christ.

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