Bountiful Churchyards

Organization Description: 

Formerly and adhoc network of friends in the San Francisco Bay area, we are now formerly organizing to provide congregations, and those potentially able to assist them developing edible landscapes, a central point of contact. We hope to establish a plant nursery, farmers market presence, speakers bureau, and landscape service in the next few months.

2422 Camrose Avenue
San Jose, CA 95130
Mission Statement: 

Our Mission it to assist congregations to nourish people physically, as well as spiritually, by developing of edible landscaping. Our Vision is that all people at risk of hunger will be able to find welcoming places to glean or grow food themselves and their families within walking distance of where ever they happen to live.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We have no published statement of faith. Rather, we encourage all members of our organization to speak freely about how the tenets and practices of their various faith traditions influence how they view the poor, food, agriculture, economic justice, and related themes. The Founders are all Christians from various backgrounds.

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