Organization Description: 

Fisrt Baptist church of Santa Cruz- Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Currently we have about 700 members and 2 missions churches. we also have 2 missionaries, 2 africa and one in a tribe in parati , Rj
our goal is to preach Jesus as the only Lord and Savior

Organizational Email:
rua felipe
Rio De Janeiro, 23515
Mission Statement: 

We are from the first Baptist church of santa cruz, located in the city of Rio de Janeiro brazil. our church has got 700 members. Our God is to share the good new of Jesus Chirst, because we understand that he is the only Lord and Savior and there is no other way to a man to be saved. So our desire is to preach this gospel to everyone. Our church has got a mission view nowandays, we have 2 missionaries who are in Africa and one, who is working in a tribe of Indians in Parati, Rj. We also have 2 mission churches.
we have work together for a long time with the Tennessee Baptist Convention. For over 5 years we have received many Americans from U.S, but officially this partnership is ended although we want to continue this ministry with you all.
We have many places so that you all can serve in brazil.

air opened services
door and door evangelism
children ministry
youth team
rehabilitation houses visitation

so if you interested in make part of this ministry with us, please let us know. We would love to have you and your church here so to win many lives for Chirst.
I can send you some pictures of my church and even some phone numbers from some Americans missionaries who have been here before in order to give you a good reference of aour work down here.

In Chirst
FBC of Santa Cruz

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

we belive God as the only way the person has, to come to heaven

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