The Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Organization Description: 

Who We Are We are a progressive non-profit breast cancer organization with a unique mission to preserve the dignity of breast cancer patients and their loved ones by supporting their unmet needs through funding value added services. These services, typically not covered by insurance, include Hand/Body Massage, Acupuncture, Fitness Classes, Beauty Consulting, and WeCare Packages.
We accomplish this by hosting unique cocktail parties on an annual basis in cities across the country. What originally began as a backyard fundraiser 12 years ago, has since grown to welcome crowds of up to 300 guests each year in 9 different cities. In 2011, the organization became a 501c3 nonprofit organization and continues to grow its patient outreach across the country, with an aggressive goal to be in 20 cities by 2020.

2192 Dupont Drive #209
Irvine, CA 92612
Mission Statement: 

What We Do

1. Fund Integrative Care Services - In each city we host a fundraiser, we partner with a local hospital or clinic, which allows us to fund an existing complimentary care program that aligns with our mission, or collaborate to implement a new patient support program.

2. Introduce Philanthropy Among Young Professionals - We seek to capture the next generation by hosting unique and innovative events, creating an accessible and enjoyable atmosphere for all ages to give. By sharing powerful patient stories, we invite guests to look to a cause greater than themselves and remind young professionals that breast cancer does not discriminate.

3. Distribute WeCare Packages to Economically Disadvantaged Areas - This package is full of resources to help patients who are often struggling to make ends meet, and aren't able to buy the bare necessities after diagnosis. The WeCare Package addresses 5 key areas:

WeCare about your comfort WeCare about your journey WeCare about your beauty WeCare about your wellness WeCare about your loved ones

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