Busoga Integrated Development and Care Foundation

Organization Description: 

BIDCAF is a Christian, non-profit NGO established to serve the public. It has no cultural, tribal, social or religious barriers and operates in both rural and urban communities. A group of people with varying professional backgrounds, whose motivating factor was their desire to assist in the improvement of the lot of the vulnerable, marginalized and deprived in the society to live to their full potential and their rights and aspirations be fulfilled through integrated development programs founded BIDCAF with a view toward promoting sustainable socio-economic development in a socially acceptable, gender sensitive and environmentally friendly manner.

A society where all the vulnerable, marginalized and deprived live to their full potential and their rights and aspirations are fulfilled.

Core Values:
Belief in the essential dignity of people and in their capacity to over come the problems and pressures that can exploit them.

The organization as the expression of the humanitarian obligation to exercise charity and to promote social justice.

Development as an empowerment process, focussing on people??s participation and the creation of autonomous groups and associations.

Pride in the efficient delivery of services and in attaining the planned results.

Belief in effective stewards of the financial resources entrusted to us.

Commitment to non??authoritarian structures and to democratic decision-making processes within the organization.

Legal Status.
BIDCAF was registered with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Government of Uganda on 12th September 1997, registration No. S.5914/2096.

The organization works within the legal framework of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda and in accordance with the Non-Governmental Organizations Registration Statute 1989 and other relevant laws and statutes.
We are committed to promoting sustainable healthcare and facilitating development through:

1. Orphans Education Support Program.
2. Adolescent Reproductive Health Program.
3. Socioeconomic Security Support Program.
4. Care and Support Program
5. Food and Nutrition Security Support Program

The organization welcomes volunteers of all specialties on both short and long term missions.

We urgently need a volunteer who can help as a fundraiser for our programs.

Organizational Email: 
P.O. Box 90,
Iganga, +256
Mission Statement: 

BIDCAF is a service-oriented development organization with a mission of helping individual people and groups awaken to their needs and ability to change, and put this change to practical use through a participatory and partnership approaches, and multiplier effect with a view towards promoting sustainable socio-economic development.

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