Butere focused women in development

Organization Description: 

ION Butere Focused Women in Development (BUFOWODE) was founded in 2002 and received its registration certificate from the Ministry of Culture and Social Services as a Community Based Organization (CBO) in 2005. At its inception, founder members were 12 and were from the then Butere/Mumias District of Kenya who shared a vision of partnering with both governmental and non-governmental organizations in poverty alleviation, institutionalization of democratic values and principles in governance, and institutionalizing sustainable exploitation of the environmental resources under changing climate and rapidly rising human population. In the span of time of its existence, BUFOWODE has empowered communities in Butere, Mumias, Matungu and Khwisero Districts by conducting civic education, public awareness campaigns, social audit, advocacy, sensitization and lobbying for just society.

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Butere, 50101
Mission Statement: 

The organizational mission is to equip, empower, advocate and build Capacity for the communities in matters of human, women and child rights; democratic and governance principles and sustainable use of their environmental resources in the changing climate and rapidly rising population.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Have a God fearing and a just society

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