Camp Counselors Africa

Organization Description: 

Camp Counselors Africa is a non profit organization registered as an NGO working in Kenya to support poor children to access quality education in the urban slums and rural areas. The organization provides direct support such like feeding program, education materials and facilities. Talking about vulnerable children you also don?t forget about women who are parents or guardians of the vulnerable who need this help too, we conducts programs which contribute to the welfare and social productivity of disadvantaged individuals and communities . We support most of the children who come from hurting backgrounds where we have either a father, Mother or no parent at all for them to depend on. Some are orphans and other from backgrounds of inherited poverty where both Parents have no permanent job. Some single mothers opt to go into prostitution in order to get just a meal for the children whereby cannot educate a child. Camp Counselors Africa is trying very hard in empowering the poor in the community to alleviate poverty .Poverty is a major problem affecting the status of women and children in Kenya .The current economical growth in Kenyan has resulted to the high cost of basic needs like food, basic services as health and education places enormous burden on poor families of which women and Children are victims of these circumstances.

P.o.Box 60177
Nairobi, 00200
Mission Statement: 

Working towards changing the lives of African youth/child, sustainable community and well developed society through offering necessary services and resources.

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