Canada Youth Society

Organization Description: 

Requirements for Volunteers: Volunteers need to have written Church or pastoral recommendation thus establishing support from your home church in financial support and prayer. Volunteers may bring a laptop computer but is not always necessary

Short-Term Missions / Volunteer Internship: The individual or volunteer group are welcome to serve for a short but concentrated amount of time.

Virtual Volunteers: We accept Volunteers from home, your work, or wherever is convenient from you. Technical and professional volunteering such as web design, 3D animation, public relations, marketing,local recruitment representation. All of these can be done via phone, email, fax, or online.

Organizational Email:
83 Ren De St, 4/flr
Kaohsiung, 802
Mission Statement: 

We also believe that creative programs reaching out to the Youth as well as the whole community are welcome in most parts of the world.
By the power of God's Spirit we are enabled to selflessly reach the world
with education, medicine, and local development programs in tandem with sharing God's holy Word.
We call on Christians everywhere to be a part of our intersting and valuable programs. The rewards include learning chinese and valuable ministry legacies in communities around Taiwan and the Far East.

Organizational Statement of Faith: 

We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ came to bring to the world a wholistic salvation, completed at the Cross of calvary. Before His2nd Coming He has mandated Christians everywhere to be actively evangelizing thru word and deed.
We believe in the traditional tenets of the evangelical Christian community and encourage Christians to be active in prayer, intercession and active ministry for the Gospel to reach thew whole World.

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