Organization Description: 

The Canadian Snowboard Museum ( hopes to promote an understanding, appreciation and celebration of Canadas snowboarding activities and accomplishments, and their significance to Canadian life and identity.

The Canadian Snowboard Museum through it's virtual Museum on the Web will tell the history of snowboarding. It will be a record of the people, their stories, activities, achievements and a wealth of fascinating exhibits of snowboarding artifacts. "History is a continuum, the past unfolds and as it does, the Canadian Snowboard Museum will continue to record it, to collect the stories and memorabilia accompanying them." - thanks Canadian Ski Museum for this inspirational quote, etc which we have modified slightly.

Opening soon on the Web, the Museum will be dedicated to the preservation of snowboarding history for future generations, honouring the pioneers and those who made history, and hopes to inform and educate about Snowboarding heritage.

266 Chemin Nymark
St-Sauveur, PQ J0R1R3
Mission Statement: 

Snowboarding. Period.

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