Care For Africans

Organization Description: 

Care For Africans is a non-profit, non-partisan; volunteer NGO (non-governmental organization) registered in Ghana. Care For Africans (CFA) seeks to promote the general well being and the development of Ghanaians through humanitarian work; we seek to practically and effectively initiate, implement and enhance programs and activities that would in the long run go to benefit the communities that we choose to work with. We provide diverse range of opportunities to people around the world who want to become part of our volunteer community in Ghana.

P.O.Box GP 967
Accra, 00233
Mission Statement: 

To create a foundation of lasting solutions and support for African people, culture and communities. We intend to inform and enlighten people from all over the world on how help support or be involved with Africa and it's beautiful people, culture, traditions and scenery.

Care for Africans wants you to be more than a tourist; we want you to interact with the local culture and community you are visiting. Whether you are a student trying to gain academic credit and working experience, or a professional looking for that meaningful vacation or corporate team building retreat, or a retiree that wants to revive your life in another exotic destination. We offer volunteer, intern & travel programs that will fit anyone's schedule, interests and passions.

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Organizational Statement of Faith: 

Care For Africans are committed to providing the highest quality services and programs. We accomplish this through an equal commitment to recruiting and retaining the best human resources by ensuring their welfare and motivation, and offering exciting and fulfilling experiences that result in efficient and effective volunteer work.

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